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After drawing a much coveted Early Rifle Bull Elk tag in Northern Arizona I wanted to maximize my odds of success knowing these opportunities don't happen very often.  I have always thoroughly researched outfitters on hunts throughout North America, Mexico and Asia and feel these efforts have made these hunts successful and  helped create memories and friendships.  I booked with Chad Woodruff at Mossback Arizona as he and his group spend months in the units scouting and researching to optimize a hunter's chances to harvest the Buck, Bull or Ram of a lifetime.  In the month's prior to my hunt Chad kept me updated on his scouting results and was very detailed on all aspects of the hunt.  Once the hunt began Chad and his group did not disappoint-camp was well equipped and comfortable.  Chad's promise of chasing bugling Bulls daily was understated as I was looking over many animals daily.  Mossback Arizona had no problem with me setting my goal on harvesting a mature bull-while passing on many satellite or younger bulls. Due to Chad and his scout's efforts I was able to take a 390" Bull.  I am looking forward to our next hunt together (Chad and I talk regularly) and highly recommend Mossback Arizona to any hunter. 


Tom Griffiths

Hi,I had the pleasure of hunting the Arizona Strip with Chad Woodruff of MossbackAZ November 9, 2017 thru the 11th,2017.I have hunted extensively for the past 35 years and Chad is one of those guys that makes you feel fortunate. His preparation was off the charts and his camp first class, and I'm not really there for the camp. He new the habits off this Buck to the point of, it was just when!If you draw a great Arizona tag that Chad guides for,I  would be "All In",you will not be disappointed.  


Mark Donovan

Chad Woodruff and MossbackAz put together the perfect hunt for my once-in-a-lifetime Arizona Bison tag.  MossbackAZ’s scouting and preparations were superb, the result of their careful preparation was an outstanding harvest.   I’ll hunt with them again.  Thanks’ guys!




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